The Eagle is the animal that brings heaven here to earth, white is a symbol of purity. You will see that the logo is very similar to a coat of arms, when I started out on this spiritual path I never had any idea what was going to happen to me what I wanted was my life to get better more peaceful more loving.

You’ll notice The Mystical White Eagle has a sword in its right claw this sword is my sword its name is Excalibur, and Excalibur is the sword that always fights on the side of love and truth. I’ve done this inner work for 20 years now and I think 1 of the mistakes I made along the way was that I never drew my sword, now what I do is the aspects of me that are too corrupt to heal are put to the sword. It was only when I unsheathed my sword and threatened the archons with my sword did they begin to take me seriously. The sword is magical, it also is discerning and will only destroy what needs to be destroyed.

The Mystical White Eagle has 13 feathers on each wing symbolise the 13 spheres of the vector equilibrium, the right-wing is masculine and the left wing is feminine, there are 7 tail feathers that represent the 7 celestial beings that we can see, the Sun,Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter God is like that, 13+13+7 = 33, 33 is the Toltec number for freedom. The reason for the 2 heads of the eagle is that I have freed both my masculine and my feminine soul & they are working in harmony. There’s also a 16 pointed star, this star is the energy that is used to break the possession & control that the blue-blood’s have over humanity. Once again the 7 stars around the head of the Eagle, and the energy of the 7 stars have been brought under control also you can see beneath the Eagle, the sword is pointed at the Dragon and the Dragon is the symbol of the energies of the United States of America, the British Empire and the Zionist Jews the Dragon has also been brought under control, These 3 nations are ruled and controlled by the archons, in turn these 3 nations rule the world. In the picture you can see magic mushrooms cannabis Iboga and ayahuasca. These are the medicines that helped me Heal myself, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

In the Eagles claw you will see that it is holding both a vector equilibrium & the cube octahedron these are symbols of God and I will expand on this more in the book.

Mystical White Eagle is my soul and as you can see by the picture my soul both my masculine soul and feminine soul are free, once my souls were freed only then could I let go of Kryon, my freed souls were now directly connected to God or to the universe I no longer found it necessary to use Kryon as an intermediary.

I now have the consciousness of a king and this is what I want for you, obviously if you’re a woman you can receive the consciousness of a Queen. The problems on this planet are as a result of different peoples having a different consciousness, in order to stop the problems on the planet then we all need to grow into new levels of consciousness, so those that want to feel beautiful and to have a beautiful consciousness they can have this just follow the instructions in the book and on the website.

Mystical White Eagle often appears to me as a Native American chief, his heart belongs in the Americas, mystical White Eagle wanted to understand what happened to his world, what happened to 100 million Native Americans and why, why did the white European commit genocide against 100 million Native Americans. These are the questions that mystical white Eagle asked, and as you read through the website and the book you will get the answers. It’s not what you think, the same thing happened to the indigenous European between 2000 years ago and continues to happen to this day.

Mystical White Eagle is here to teach us the old Native American ways, and to bring love and peace to this world, for if each person were to become loving and peaceful there would be no more wars. Every problem would be resolved, we should all be privileged to learn from mystical White Eagle and to become loving and peaceful, when you’re in a loving and peaceful state of consciousness then you also in a state of abundance you have everything you want.

There is enough information and knowledge in this website to take you to the consciousness where you can enjoy a state of being that would be equal to Christ consciousness or enlightenment, it is not an easy journey because our ancestors were lied to as we are lied to by our governments and all their systems. So in order to accomplish this new state of being we have to heal all our ancestors before we start to look at ourselves. Mystical White Eagle has brought us the keys to the new kingdom of Atlantis, when there are enough of us that have this consciousness we should ask a government Somewhere in the Caribbean to give us land and resources so that we can share this consciousness with 144,000 healers. and once they all have this consciousness then it will be like the 100th monkey effect everybody will be filled with love joy and ecstasy and fully reconnected back to the universe.

I hope you think that this is a noble way to live, we change the consciousness of all those willing individuals and in turn we change the consciousness of our planet.